Collecting Sea Shells

I love walking up and down the sea shore,  inhaling the fresh sea salt breeze. I hear the gentle rhythm of the waves and watch the sunset.

Sometimes I keep my eyes on the sand, letting them follow the tide line, looking for shells.  This article from Travel for Wildlife will equip you to determine whether the sea treasures you find are alive (give them back to the Gulf!) or dead (bring home as a reminder of peaceful beach days.)

(Some of the photos in the article are from Sanibal Island, just an hour and a half south of the Sleepy Sandpiper!)


Seeking Shells, Nokomis Beach October 2016




Sea and Stress

A girlfriend sent me this article, which quantifies what we already know: Being near water reduces stress.

Sunset May 3 2016
Sunset, Nokomis Beach, 2016

While it seems to be a “Well, yeah! Common sense!” conclusion, I find it interesting how researchers design studies to quantify things like this.  I also found it surprising that stress reduction was more strongly correlated to living near water in a way that just being near nature wasn’t.

While I’m at the Sleepy Sandpiper, part of my routine is going to the beach for sunset most nights.  Our dinner plans are made to accommodate the time the sun goes down.

Then, barefoot, at the beach, releasing that day’s stress.