Snowy Ibises


Oscar Scherer State Park

Take a tour of Oscar Scherer State Park with this video. It’s one of my favorite places to go to take a walk, bird watch, or canoe with the family.  It’s less than a ten minute drive from The Sleepy Sandpiper.

A Visiting Neighbor

We have so many birds in our neighborhood — not just sandpipers! I believe this is a Great Egret who just walked up the front porch of the beach house.

Visiting Bird July 2016.jpg

My mother posted this picture on facebook the other day, “Our grandson was on our front porch reading his bible and singing hymns and this guy came to visit. Not sure if he’s Presbyterian or just looking for food!”

While I find it fun to identify the birds I see just driving and walking around Nokomis, if you are interested in serious birding, check out the Venice Area Audubon Society and Rookery.

Nesting Ospreys?

As you walk from the Sleepy Sandpiper to the Nokomis public beach, you will cross a bridge spanning the Intercoastal Waterway.

Look up at the lights which control  the traffic when the bridge needs to be raised. Do you see a large nest? This week I’ve seen two birds in it. I’m not positive, but I think they are ospreys.

I love watching the birds around Nokomis.  Just during the past week I’ve seen brown pelicans, great blue herons, anhingas, woodpeckers, cardinals, white ibises, cranes, snowy egrets laughing gulls, and of course, sandpipers.

I keep a copy of the Birds of Florida field guide at the beach house and you are invited to make note of which birds you see, too!

If you really enjoy birdwatching, Oscar Scherer State Park is less than a 10 minute drive away.  They frequently offer guided scrub walks, tram tours, and canoe trips.  Here is their checklist of birds commonly seen in the area.

Sea and Stress

A girlfriend sent me this article, which quantifies what we already know: Being near water reduces stress.

Sunset May 3 2016
Sunset, Nokomis Beach, 2016

While it seems to be a “Well, yeah! Common sense!” conclusion, I find it interesting how researchers design studies to quantify things like this.  I also found it surprising that stress reduction was more strongly correlated to living near water in a way that just being near nature wasn’t.

While I’m at the Sleepy Sandpiper, part of my routine is going to the beach for sunset most nights.  Our dinner plans are made to accommodate the time the sun goes down.

Then, barefoot, at the beach, releasing that day’s stress.