At Home in the World

I spotted the new AirBnB Mag yesterday, appropriately enough, at an airport kiosk.  When I saw it was the inaugural issue, I had to buy it.



We used AirBnB for travel long before we started hosting (aff) — and from the beginning I’ve loved their vision for travel and hospitality. I wasn’t disappointed by the magazine. It made for great airplane reading and fodder for travel dreaming.

Exploring Havana was the cover story — oh, how I’ve longed to go there!  Other beach vacations and summer hot spots were highlighted, too — though the Sleepy Sandpiper wasn’t mentioned (this time!)

I liked the combination of travel tips and pics of exotic places — but was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the longer articles.


THERE IS A LOVELY PHRASE FROM NIETZSCHE that says the goal of life is to become who you really are. I think he means we should explore all our possibilities, and there are bits of us, waiting to be discovered, lodged in faraway places. So one can see the impulse to travel as a desire to complete ourselves.

Alain de Botton, airbnbmag

Airbnb seems to have really touched upon our travel zeitgeist — the desire to experience, do, explore, become. . . to find ourselves at home in the world.

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Learn and Love Where You Are

Learning Phonics
Practicing phonics and letter formation on the beach.

Worldschooling is on the rise.  Families packing up and traveling, kids learning as they go.  Not all of us desire to uproot our lives completely, and yet we can adapt worldschool ideas to our own families, right where we are.

When you visit the Sleepy Sandpiper, there is so much to explore.  Natural history and science can be experienced through the rhythms of the tides, collecting sharks’ teeth, scouting out turtle nests, visiting Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, exploring the Legacy Trail, and observing the birds in the backyard.

Local history can be experienced during the summer camps at Historic Spanish Point and celebrating the Venice 90th Anniversary.

Look at your hometown, right where you are, through the eyes of a worldschool family.  What can you do to embrace learning and exploring right where you are?


Venice 90th Anniversary Celebration

Just south of the Sleepy Sandpiper at Nokomis beach is the quaint city of Venice, Florida. Incorporated on May 9th, 1927, the city is planning a year-long celebration of its 90th anniversary.

What is so interesting about this Gulf Coast Florida city?  Visit the newly opening Venice Museum & Archives to discover how the Kentucky Military Institute, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the Venice Army Air Field and even Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus play into its history!

Read more in the Herald Tribune.